CCPA 30th anniversary conference and gala dinner: November 18

The CCPA’s 30th anniversary on November 18 welcomed a full house.

We marked this special occasion with a gala dinner at the Chateau Laurier and an all-day conference at the University of Ottawa entitled Advancing Democracy and Social Justice in Canada—The Next 30 Years.
It was a who’s who of progressive thinkers, activists, and politicians:
  • Opposition party leaders were amongst the many who paid tribute and roasted the CCPA.
  • Eric Peterson (from Corner Gas) was the Master of Ceremonies.
  • Bob Carty was our musical satirist.
  • Linda McQuaig spoke about her new book, The Trouble with Billionaires.
  • Leading American economist Dean Baker reviewed the US situation.
  • Leading economists Armine Yalnizyan, Mike McCracken, Iglika Ivanova and Jim Stanford gave us their insights on the Canadian reality.
  • Author and commentator Gerry Caplan and Amnesty International director Alex Neve spoke about the erosion of democracy and human rights in Canada.
  • Atkinson Foundation director Olivia Nuamah linked to the British experience.
  • Native Women’s Association, Sisters of Spirit Director Kate Rexe gave the view from the most marginalized segments of our society.
  • University of Ottawa political scientist Paul Saurette shared his observations about the rise of the conservative movement in Canada.

It was a feast of ideas and entertainment, conversation and community, with many surprises.

Most of all it was an opportunity to remind ourselves that working together offers the best hope for a better world—of peace, justice, democracy and respect for the planet.
Thank you to all who attended and who watched online.

Bruce Campbell
Executive Director

Comedian/actor Eric Peterson, from hit show Corner Gas, will be the Gala MC.
Writer/Journalist Linda McQuaig will speak on The Trouble with Billionaires.
CAW Economist Jim Stanford will spoke about the latest transformation of the economy.
CCPA Senior Economist Armine Yalnizyan present on the change from recession to recovery.