Federal budget commentary and analysis

Yesterday on our blog, Behind the Numbers, Alternative Federal Budget Coordinator David Macdonald drew back the curtain on Federal Budget 2011, exposing the plan to cut the deficit through an unprecedented cut to a third of public service sector jobs. Click here for more.

CCPA Senior Economist Armine Yalnizyan, meanwhile, appeared on the CBC's Lang and O'Leary Exchange last night to counter conservative pundits' praise of the massive cuts.

Click here to view (we suggest skipping to 17:40 in the time sequence to view Armine's portion).

Look back at our 2011 Alternative Federal Budget materials for a plan that addresses what matters to Canadians: post-recession job and household debt worries, pension concerns, worsening income inequality and climate change.

Check out So You Think You Can Budget, our interactive budget tool that uses all the same multipliers and calculations as the full AFB but this time you get to pick what’s in and what’s out. If you were finance minister for a day, which programs would you pick? How would you manage the deficit and unemployment? Sometimes its not as easy as it looks.