Great resource for labour researchers and activists

If you haven’t run across the Citizen’s Press website yet, we recommend that you take a look.

Citizen's Press is a Canadian online publication for progressive, union-oriented researchers, activists and organizers. There is also valuable information from the US. The site is organized into editorials, news, papers and right to organize information.

Under the Right to Organize tab you’ll find links to some useful Expert Analysis (click to expand the items on the lefthand menu). There you will find progressive experts such as economists and academics, government officials, journalists and commentators, lawyers and judges and labour union activists. It’s a good place to look for some succinct talking points, but there are also links to full reports if you need a more in-depth analysis.

Besides labour topics, you’ll find coverage of other issues such as EI, the environment, free trade agreements and social impact bonds – to name just some.

This interesting sample will take you to information about a 1995 Alberta Joint Review on the Right to Work. Interestingly, it concluded that RTW was NOT a smart idea. Right under this piece, you’ll find Senator Hugh Segal’s comments on Bill C-377.