Recommended reading: Fearmonger

Fearmonger, by CCPA research associate Paula Mallea, is the first comprehensive independent analysis of the "tough on crime" policies and legislation being implemented by the Harper government.

According to Statistics Canada, all crime rates—including violent crime—have been trending downward over the last twenty years. Yet the Harper government continues to insist Canadians are in the midst of a crime epidemic. This is their rationale for spending billions on new prisons, and for legislation that will put thousands more behind bars and increase the likelihood that young Canadians will have criminal records.

In this book Paula Mallea lays out the evidence that contradicts the government's claims. Fearmonger offers the research and the evidence that the Harper government's approach to criminal law and imprisonment is driven by ideology and not by concern for protecting the public from crime.

Fearmonger is available in bookstores and online.