Resources on pension reform and Old Age Security

Last week Prime Minister Harper signaled possible cuts to Canada's pension programs, namely Old Age Security benefits for middle- and lower-income seniors. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has produced several resources on pension reform, including analysis of the possible plan to raise the age for OAS eligibility: 

  • Canada’s Incredible Shrinking Populationby Erin Weir 

    CCPA research associate Erin Weir brings some clarity to claims that the cost of Old Age Security is unsustainable.

  • The OAS Eligibility Age and Employment, by Andrew Jackson 

    Andrew Jackson suggests that an increase in the eligibility age for OAS/GIS will negatively impact an increasing proportion of older Canadians who are staying in the workforce well past 65.

  • Is The OAS/GIS Program Unaffordable?by Andrew Jackson 

    On CCPA’s blog, Andrew Jackson writes that despite the government's claims to the contrary, OAS costs are indeed sustainable in the context of an ageing society.

  • Hennessy's Index: Grey Powerby Trish Hennessy 

    Hennessy's Index is a monthly listing of numbers about Canada and its place in the world. February's edition introduces us to some distressing numbers and facts on pensions and Old Age Security.

  • Low Income and the Age of Eligibility for OAS, by Andrew Jackson 

    Andrew Jackson suggests that raising the age of eligibility for Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement (OAS/GIS) will have the biggest impact on future seniors who are in lower income brackets.

  • A Stronger Foundation: Pension Reform and Old Age Security, by Monica Townson 

    This report reviews OAS and its associated programs of the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and the Allowance and discusses measures that could be taken to strengthen this part of Canada’s pension system.