Shannon Daub promoted to Associate Director of CCPA-BC

We are very pleased to announce Shannon Daub’s promotion to the newly-created position of Associate Director of the CCPA-BC Office. In many respects, this change formalizes what her role has been for some time. As a founding member of our BC staff team, Shannon has developed and led our communications efforts from the ground up. She has consistently provided our organization with strategic and operational leadership, and is centrally involved in research direction and oversight. That work will continue, but a new Director of Communication will be hired to provide day-to-day leadership to our communications department, freeing Shannon up to serve as co-director of the new Corporate Mapping Project, and allowing her to focus more time on the strategic direction and research activities of the CCPA.

~ Seth Klein, CCPA-BC Director, and Kevin Millsip, CCPA-BC Board Chair – July 8, 2016