Temporary foreign workers in Canada

The Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights has a new e-bulletin with some interesting updates. Given the interest lately in temporary foreign workers and their impact on Canada's labout market, Ken Georgetti's update, Migrant workers account for most new jobs: CLC is particularly relevant.

On the same topic, there was some great news coming out of Manitoba yesterday regarding the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. Thanks to years of hard work by UFCW, The Migrant Workers Solidarity Network, and the Manitoba Federation of Labour - supported by research by the CCPA-MB, the Province of Manitoba announced effective immediately, it will giving Manitoba's SAWP workers access to universal healthcare. This Winnipeg Free Press story give some details. The full CCPA-MB report (Migrant Voices) that was released yesterday (and that was part of the push for this policy change) is available on this website, along with a WorkLife summary from the Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues.

For those who track and compare how migrant workers are treated across the country, these Migrant Workers Report Cards were prepared by The Canadian Council for Refugees.  The series was compiled before yesterday's announcement from Manitoba (see above) about granting healthcare to SAWP workers.