Transforming Saskatchewan's Electrical Future: Using Electricity More Efficiently

The Saskatchewan office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has just released the second in its series on Transforming Saskatchewan's Electrical Future. Part Two, entitled Using Electricity More Efficiently contains some surprising facts about how much electricity is consumed in our province.

Did you know....

* Potash, oil and gas, steel, mining and chemicals currently consume 34.5% of all electricity in Saskatchewan?

* In ten years, those same industries will consume almost 50% of our province's electricity?

* Residential consumption is only 13.7% of total consumption and expected to drop to 11% in ten years?

Given industry's voracious appetite for cheap subsidized power, it is essential that we adopt a comprehensive conservation and efficiency program to ensure that the people of Saskatchewan are getting a fair deal when it comes to electrical generation in the province.

Read the press release here.

Read the full report here.