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Job Opening 
CCPA-BC Associate Director 

Summary of role 

The Associate Director has primary responsibility for communications at CCPA-BC, bringing strong strategic leadership to the organization’s external communication functions. The Associate Director plays a central role in ensuring CCPA-BC provides both a clear, progressive and credible voice in public policy debates as well as a highly respected, collaborative voice with community partners, allies and supporters.

The Associate Director shares overall responsibility with the Director for the success of CCPA-BC. That shared role includes providing strategic leadership, building and maintaining positive external and internal relationships, ensuring sustainable funding, and protecting the integrity and independence of CCPA-BC’s work. The Associate Director also helps to shape the organization’s research agenda, and as needed participates in the coordination and review of research. With the Senior Management Team, the Associate Director supports the creation, maintenance and growth of positive organizational culture.

The Associate Director reports to the Director. The Associate Director supervises the communications staff team and provides overall supervisory support to the larger staff team. The Associate Director speaks for the organization as needed and acts as Director in the Director’s absence.


1) Communications

  • Provide overall strategic direction and vision to CCPA-BC’s communication and outreach work, and support all communications team members to contribute in this area;
  • Develop, implement and monitor strategic communication goals;
  • Manage appropriate systems that support high quality publishing, media relations and digital/online communications;
  • Maintain a birds-eye view of publishing and other communication activities, and ensures smooth coordination of these;
  • Nurture and manage the work of the communications staff team;
  • Provide high-level strategic communications advice and guidance for the organization;
  • Oversee the organization’s clear and effective communication of research findings and policy ideas, ensuring accessibility for broad audiences.
  • Identify strategic opportunities to intervene in relevant public debates/stories via mainstream media and/or social media. 

In partnership with the Director:

  • Shape CCPA-BC’s framing and messaging strategies;
  • Manage the CCPA-BC’s reputation, and lead crisis communication when needed;
  • Address any legal or other organizational threats;
  • Ensure the organization is compliant with relevant legal requirements and protect its charitable status;
  • Ensure CCPA-BC maintains a high public profile and grows its reach; and,
  • Maintain current knowledge of relevant research and best practices in social movement building and communications.

2) Fund Development and Public Role

  • With the Director, ensure key partnerships are maintained and built to positively impact revenue that support’s CCPA’s core activities;
  • As one of two principal spokespeople for the organization in the province regularly provide public talks and workshops in relevant areas of expertise;
  • Provide a bridge between CCPA-BC communications and fund development work and staff teams, and ensure these areas are well integrated;
  • Liaise with major donors (individuals, foundations and organizations) as needed.
  • Shape and oversee new strategies for outreach and engagement, with a view to growing and diversifying the CCPA-BC’s community of supporters and recruiting new donors; and,
  • Leads the whole team in telling CCPA-BC’s story in fresh and compelling ways.

3) Strategic Planning and Governance

  • With the Director and Board, provide leadership to the organization including strategic planning and goal-setting;
  • With the Director and staff teams, establish short- and long-term plans to meet goals, and monitor and report progress;
  • Ensure CCPA-BC is responsive to its strategic environment, both internal/organizational and external/political;
  • Develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with allies and partners to advance the mission and vision of the organization; and,
  • Identify and act on opportunities to develop relevant new initiatives.

4) Human Resources

With the Senior Management Team:

  • Propose and organize various staff activities and planning meetings;
  • Identify/develop new policies or mechanisms for addressing HR issues;
  • Pro-actively mentor and lift up staff members;
  • Establish priorities and goals for staff and the strategies for meeting them;
  • Conduct annual documented performance evaluations with direct reports, and provide them with timely performance feedback on an ongoing basis;
  • Ensure the organization is adequately staffed.

5) Financial Management

With Senior Management Team:

  • Ensure all funds are managed in an accountable way that is compliant with legal and accounting standards;
  • Maintain transparent reporting systems that support effective organizational decision-making;
  • Problem-solve when financial issues arise.

6) Research and Research Coordination

  • As needed (particularly in areas of own expertise), oversee peer review of CCPA-BC publications;
  • Act as substantive reviewer for research projects/papers (includes hands-on substantive editing and gate-keeping reports/papers);
  • Help shape the overall research agenda and work of CCPA-BC;
  • Provide guidance/direction to other research staff as needed. 

Qualifications and competencies

Communication — Minimum 5 years experience leading a communications team. Education and experience in managing high level communications. Open and transparent communicator required.

Research — Graduate level research skills and competencies are required. Experience  communicating research and complex concepts in plain language is required. Having one or more established areas of expertise relevant to CCPA-BC’s work is an asset. Deep understanding of the importance of academic integrity, peer review and research process. Experience with publishing processes is an asset.

Leadership – Proven experience in team-building and contributing to positive organizational culture. Proven experience in leading creativity, innovation and an overall learning culture. Must show commitment to open and collaborative approaches to accomplishing individual and organizational goals. Has track record of mentoring and coaching team members to success.

Tech/digital — Successful candidate must be able master new tech skills and systems easily, and have a high degree of comfort as a technology user. Strong understanding of digital communication strategy and best practices is highly desirable. Experience with Nationbuilder and Wordpress (or other relevant CRM and CMS tools) is an asset.

Public Speaking and Community Engagement — Has a presence as a community leader in progressive campaign, policy and/or research work, preferably in BC. Proven comfort in public speaking, media engagement and community engagement.

Fund Development — A true relationship builder who will embrace the role of making the case for support of CCPA-BC. Passionate about the work, the organization and the team. Experience contributing to or leading fundraising work is an asset.

Administration — High level of time management skill – the ability to manage multiple complex projects and a heavy workload in a busy, fast-paced environment is a must. Ability and willingness to take on administrative tasks and to manage administrative functions related to this position’s responsibilities.

To apply

Please submit your application via our posting on Charity Village by Sunday, November 18 at 11:59 PM.


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