Members' Council

Role of the Members' Council 

The CCPA Members' Council is made up of representatives of trade unions, social justice and other allied organizations, individuals elected by our supporters at large, plus researchers and academics appointed because of their specialized skills and knowledge. The Council's role is to set broad strategic objectives and organizational direction. The implementation of those objectives, and the production of reports and publications, is the role of staff under the direction of the National and Provincial Office Directors. The Centre prides itself on the high quality of its research, and the ongoing integrity of this work is ensured by peer review overseen by the National and Provincial Office Directors.

The Members' Council is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the National Executive Director maintains the required standards of quality in all publications of the Centre, directly with respect to national publications and through the Provincial Directors for provincial office publications.

The Members' Council has a dual role--to ensure that the overall entity called the CCPA operates within the mandate, statement of purpose, principles and general level of organizational integrity established by the Centre, and then also to set policies and priorities for the National Office.

Provincial offices have governing bodies responsible for the strategic objectives and organizational direction of the Provincial offices. All the Centre’s governing bodies have a responsibility to ensure that the research integrity and social justice mission of the CCPA that gives it such strength and legitimacy is protected, while growing the Centre's ability to influence the policy debate in Canada.

National Board of Directors

The President and Vice-President/Treasurer are officers of the National Board. They and the National Board of Directors are elected by the Members' Council. 

The National Board of Directors gives direction to and oversees the National Office, through the National Executive Director, based on the mandate and strategic direction established by the Members' Council. The Board of Directors also has general responsibility for carrying out the decisions of the Council with respect to mandate, and strategic direction throughout CCPA.

Larry Brown, President
Eve-Lyne Couturier, Vice-President/Treasurer
Jim Turk, Research Associates Chair
Chris Roberts
Nora Loreto
Julie Guard
Shelley Gordon

Council Members

Pat Armstrong, York University

Larry Brown, National Union of Public and General Employees

Eve-Lyne Couturier, IRIS

Paul Elliott, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation

George Floresco, Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Bernie Froese-Germain, Canadian Teachers' Federation

Grace-Edward Galabuzi, Ryerson University

Meg Gingrich, United Steelworkers Union

Julie Guard, University of Manitoba, CCPA-MB 

Judy Haiven, St. Mary’s University, CCPA-NS 

Mark Hennessy, United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Nora Loreto, Independent Consultant

Paula Mallea, Independent Consultant

Toby Sanger/Shelley Gordon, Canadian Union of Public Employees

James McCormack, Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Jessica McCormick, Canadian Federation of Students

Keith Reynolds, Canadian Union of Public Employees British Columbia, CCPA-BC

Chris Roberts, Canadian Labour Congress

Rick Sawa, CCPA-SK 

Priscilla Settee, University of Saskatchewan

Jim Silver, University of Winnipeg, CCPA-MB

Jim Stanford, Unifor

Steve Staples, Independent Consultant

Jim Turk, Ryerson University

Elizabeth Woods, Public Service Alliance of Canada