The following commentaries offer a quick overview of a variety of current issues. Many summarize research findings published in longer research reports and studies.

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Refugee women in Nova Scotia

by Christine Saulnier
November 20, 2008 | Nova Scotia Office
by Christine Saulnier, Andrew Biro
November 20, 2008 | Nova Scotia Office
by Seth Klein, Marjorie Griffin Cohen
November 1, 2008 | BC Office

OECD report shows rift in Canada increasing at quick rate

by Armine Yalnizyan
October 22, 2008 | National Office

Making paid work meet basic family needs

by Seth Klein, Deborah Littman, Adrienne Montani, Tim Richards
September 30, 2008 | BC Office
by Mark Thompson, David Fairey, Arlene Tigar McLaren
September 25, 2008 | BC Office

Secure routes needed to move Central Asia's vast energy resources to international markets

by John Foster
August 20, 2008 | National Office
by Iglika Ivanova
August 19, 2008 | BC Office
by Fiona MacPhail, Paul Bowles
August 12, 2008 | BC Office
by Ben Parfitt
August 7, 2008 | BC Office