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"Attacks on Medicare are also attacks on the underlying core values of Canadians--values such as fairness, compassion, equality of opportunity, and social solidarity--and so a defence of Medicare is essential to protect the values that we Canadians see as defining who we are. Our support for an accessible public health care system is the one bond we have that transcends geography, ethnicity, language, gender, race and class." This is the key message in a crucial paper on the values underlying Medicare released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
OTTAWA‹If the federal government fails to get back in the health care game with increased funding, and by using its legal and moral authority to prevent the growth of the private system, it will be undermining Medicare as a truly public health-care system. That is the conclusion of Canada Health Act? Or Canada Health Inaction?, a report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives on the eve of the federal cabinet retreat and next month¹s First Ministers¹ meeting on health care.
Toronto - Four prominent economists and a former director of audit operations with Canada's Auditor General released a report today that is sharply critical of controversial "public-private-partnership" (P3) hospital proposals. The report commends the new provincial government for rejecting the P3 model for public hospitals, including those planned for Brampton and Ottawa.
Cancer has become such an epidemic that 41% of Canadian males and nearly 38% of Canadian females will develop some form of the disease, and 27% of males and 23% of females will die from it. While the medical profession and cancer research institutions attribute most of the cancer increase to genetic and lifestyle factors, the authors of a new CCPA study assert that carcinogens in our air, water, food, and workplaces are significant causes of cancer.
Canadians may remember Paul Martin’s pledge upon becoming Finance Minister that he would eliminate the government’s deficit, “come hell or high water. He fulfilled that promise mainly by slashing support for health care and other social programs, giving Canadians in the process painful doses of both hell and high water.
Ottawa--Canadians remember Paul Martin as the man who slew the deficit dragon "come hell or high water. " He fulfilled that promise by making the largest non-military public program cuts in Canadian history.