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Canadians may remember Paul Martin’s pledge upon becoming Finance Minister that he would eliminate the government’s deficit, “come hell or high water. He fulfilled that promise mainly by slashing support for health care and other social programs, giving Canadians in the process painful doses of both hell and high water.
Ottawa--Canadians remember Paul Martin as the man who slew the deficit dragon "come hell or high water. " He fulfilled that promise by making the largest non-military public program cuts in Canadian history.
Should health care professionals and support staff have the right to strike? Why have more than 200,000 of them walked off the job for varying periods since 1999--whether they had the legal right to do so or not? These questions--and other issues involving labour conflict in Canada's health care system--are addressed in a new detailed study by Judy and Larry Haiven being released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
(Vancouver) Privatization has eliminated 30 years of pay equity gains and has put BC at the bottom of the barrel nationally when it comes to wages and benefits for women working in health support occupations.
Malgré les assurances trompeuses des gouvernements, le système de santé du Canada n’est pas pleinement protégé contre les accords commerciaux internationaux, et notamment l’ALENA et l’OMC. Cependant, s’ils agissent sans tarder, les gouvernements du Canada peuvent encore renforcer l’assurance-maladie publique avant que les accords commerciaux ne rendent la réforme des services de santé trop coûteuse.