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Download Senator Sinclair's slide presentation here.
Our public finance policy analyst Alex Hemingway discussed BC school funding at the PANVancouver forum of August 31, 2016. Read his analysis of BC's education funding crisis here.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Manitoba office interviews Social Enterprise participants from Build and Manitoba Green Retrofit.  Great stories and great ideas.
"Making Sense of the TPP,” a public event in Ottawa on April 1, 2016, featured presentations from Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, Scott Sinclair (CCPA), Megan Sali (OpenMedia), Gus Van Harten (Osgoode Hall Law School) and others. The event was organized by the Trade Justice Network and filmed by OpenMedia. Watch the presentations by Scott Sinclair (CCPA), Megan Sali (OpenMedia), and Gus Van Harten (Osgoode Hall Law School) below:
Last year, millions of us rejected the politics of austerity, fear and inequality. We voted for change. So, let's change things.  We shouldn't let the idea of federal deficits, even relatively large ones, scare us off making much needed investments in Canada. There is more than enough fiscal room to ensure that everyone can have a better future.