Inequality and poverty

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Is your income secure? Do you swipe your credit card at the supermarket without really looking at how much you’re spending? Can you pay all your bills every month? Can you afford your medication? Do your kids have the clothes, shoes and school supplies they need? Is your home safe and warm?
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  Illustrations by Remie Geoffroi This is a story about two elections: the one about the “change” Ontarians might have had if circumstances hadn’t thrown the province into political chaos, and the one we are now facing, which is about change and much more.
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Ontarians heading to the polls on June 7 face a stark choice between two visions of government and two styles of governing. The choice they make could reverberate across the country. A Progressive Conservative victory under the leadership of the right-wing populist Doug Ford would almost certainly usher in another period of harsh and unnecessary austerity, and has the potential to set racial and economic justice back decades.
Vancouver — Although there are positive elements to today’s BC government announcement in response to the second report of the Fair Wages Commission, the government’s rejection of the recommendation to include farm workers in the basic minimum wage is extremely frustrating, says the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 
Fifty years ago today, April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee. James Earl Ray was convicted, but as Angela Davis said, “racism was Martin Luther King’s assassin.”
This submission was made to the BC government to share the CCPA-BC's recommendations regarding the development of a British Columbia Poverty Reduction Plan. It highlights relevant CCPA–BC reports detailing why BC needs a poverty reduction plan and what should constitute core elements of such a plan; underscores the CCPA's support for the detailed submission and policy recommendations of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition; and highlights two particularly importa
There is growing recognition that income inequality has been increasing to undesirable levels in many countries, including Canada.  Part of this because of international research, most famously by Thomas Pikketty's (2013) book Capital in the 21st Century, which demonstrates remarkable increases in inquality since the 1980's, driven by stagnant incomes for the majority of the population and fantastic income gains by those at the very top end of the income distribution.  There has also been a growing recognition that high levels of income inequality create a wide variety of economic
The Nova Scotia Alternative Budget 2018 is a blueprint of a budget for the people. The report lays out a sustainable fiscal framework that supports the development of inclusive and prosperous communities, where we take care of each other and our environment.