What‘s the big deal? Understanding the Trans-Pacific Partnership

As debate over whether Canada should ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) continues, the CCPA has released a series of reports to demystify the complicated trade deal and clarify its ramifications.

The series, What’s the Big Deal? Understanding the Trans-Pacific Partnership, provides readers with detailed analyses of various aspects of the TPP and helps them better understand the trade deal’s impact on policy areas such as health care, jobs, labour, and environmental protection.

The Reports


"Making Sense of the TPP,” a public event in Ottawa on April 1, 2016, featured presentations from Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, Scott Sinclair (CCPA), Megan Sali (OpenMedia), Gus Van Harten (Osgoode Hall Law School) and others. This event was hosted by the Trade Justice Network, CWA/SCA Canada, and the University of Ottawa’s School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and The School of International Development Studies.

Watch the presentations by Scott Sinclair (CCPA), Megan Sali (OpenMedia), and Gus Van Harten (Osgoode Hall Law School) below:

Watch the presentation by Dr. Joseph Stiglitz: