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CCPA releases Ontario Alternative Budget

The CCPA Ontario office released its prescription for this year's provincial budget, calling on the Ontario government to make job creation -- not deficit reduction -- a top priority. It shows how hard hit Ontario has been by the global recession. Ontario accounted for 59% of the nation's permanent job losses last year. By focusing on a strong job creation plan, the Ontario government can get Ontarians working again, which is good for the economy and will be important to the province's future deficit reduction efforts.


CCPA releases Alternative Federal Budget 2010

The CCPA released the Alternative Federal Budget for 2010 today. In addition to the budget document, the alternative budget put forward a six point jobs plan to confront the jobs crisis and get Canada working again. The plan would bring unemployment back to pre-recession levels by the end of 2011 and demonstrates there is a better way to reach fiscal balance through smart investments and smart taxation.


Our Schools/Our Selves: Winter 2010

The Achievement Agenda: Education or Evaluation?
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Monday, February 1, 2010

A struggle dominates education these days. It is a struggle between demands for standardization and the reality of diversity. This issue of Our Schools / Our Selves speaks to many of the various concepts that impact and are impacted by education -- and are so often at odds with the Achievement Agenda" that repeatedly appears to privilege narrow evaluation over broad, authentic education and learning, and standardization over diversity.

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Table of Contents and Editorial - Larry Kuehn & Erika Shaker
Data Warehousing Will Destroy Your Soul - Susan Ohanian

EI isn't working for Canada's unemployed

A new CCPA report finds Canada's Employment Insurance system is failing the recession "stress test" and many unemployed workers are falling through the cracks.  Is EI Working for Canada's Unemployed? makes recommendations for improving the EI system and calls on the federal government to make EI reform a key priority in the upcoming buget. Click here to read more and download the full report.