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Proposed Canada-EU trade agreement threatens Canada's procurement policies and public services

The third round of negotiations for the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) are taking place in Ottawa April 19-23. A new CCPA analysis of the proposed agreement warns that it poses a serious threat to Canada’s procurement policies and a broad range of public services.


Expanding the CPP would be the most effective means of pension reform

A new report by pension expert and CCPA Research Associate Monica Townson argues that expanding the Canada Pension Plan is the most effective way to address Canada's pension difficulties. Options for Pension Reform: Expanding the Canada Pension Plan also provides an anlysis of options for expanding the CPP. Click here to read the full report.


CCPA releases Ontario Alternative Budget

The CCPA Ontario office released its prescription for this year's provincial budget, calling on the Ontario government to make job creation -- not deficit reduction -- a top priority. It shows how hard hit Ontario has been by the global recession. Ontario accounted for 59% of the nation's permanent job losses last year. By focusing on a strong job creation plan, the Ontario government can get Ontarians working again, which is good for the economy and will be important to the province's future deficit reduction efforts.