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Looking for BC Update and BC Commentary? Look no further. We’ve combined the two to create BC Solutions. Through this new publication, we’re pleased to be better able to keep you up-to-date on research, events and other goings-on at the CCPA–BC Office. In this issue:
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press Dec 22, 2016 Manitoba’s childcare system is staggering to meet the needs of parents and children, and recent signs give little confidence the new provincial government will respond effectively. Over a dozen community groups who are ready to proceed with building not-for-profit childcare spaces have had their promised provincial capital grants abruptly frozen, halting all expansion. Wait lists for childcare in Manitoba are at an all-time high, at over 15,000 names up from 12,000 just two years ago.
Il est inquiétant, quoique pas étonnant, de constater que malgré les initiatives de certaines provinces les services de garde au Canada à ce jour demeurent inabordables, inaccessibles et de qualité inégale.
Canada's child care systems can vary dramatically from province to province and city to city. But no matter where you live, one thing’s for sure: child care isn’t getting less expensive. In fact, in many cities, child care fees are rising three times faster than inflation—that means some parents are paying $1,000 a more a year per child than they did just two years ago. How much are you paying in child care? Find out which Canadian cities are the most and least expensive in our ranking below. (Click on image to view full size)
OTTAWA — Le Centre canadien de politiques alternatives (CCPA) a dévoilé aujourd’hui une nouvelle étude qui révèle les villes où les garderies sont les plus abordables et les moins abordables au Canada.
OTTAWA—A new study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) updates the most and least expensive cities for child care in Canada.
This study, the third in a series beginning in 2014, reveals the most and least expensive cities for child care in Canada. The study provides an annual snapshot of median parental child care fees in Canada’s biggest 28 cities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It finds that wait lists are common for regulated child care, which is more expensive than it was two years ago, with fees rising an average of over 8% since 2014—three times faster than inflation.
It is disturbing but not surprising that, despite some initiatives in a number of provinces, child care across Canada remains unaffordable, unavailable and inconsistent in quality to this day. Federal leadership, together with provincial/territorial collaboration in working toward a long-term vision of a universal, high-quality, comprehensive early childhood education and care (ECEC) system, is demonstrably the best way to ensure real early learning and child care options for families.
“ the social and economic conditions that render children vulnerable to abuse and neglect are well beyond the scope of the child welfare system” (Hon. Ted Hughes, Commissioner, The Legacy of Phoenix Sinclair: Achieving the Best for All Our Children). Phoenix Sinclair spent much of her young life in and out of the care of Child and Family Services. She died at the hands of her parents in 2005.
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