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With the country facing significant and unpredictable headwinds going into another federal election year, the 2019 Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) shows that Canada can boost competitiveness and encourage innovation by investing in people, not by giving corporations more tax cuts.
Recently the Manitoba Government made a decision to reject a core funding application from the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities (MLPD) for the 2018-19 fiscal year. It can be very difficult for an organization to function without core funding which diminishes its capacity. The organization (formally known as the Manitoba League of the Physically Handicapped) has existed since 1974 as a consumer-based organization of people living with disabilities.  
The Trailer Overdose Prevention Site (TOPS, as its usually called, or Area 62) in Vancouver. Photo by Travis Lupick.
The right to the city comes out of critical theory, a branch of intellectual thought originating in the early 20th century at the University of Frankfurt. The Frankfurt School consisted of a group of radical scholars who theorized about the rise of mass popular culture and its effect on society.
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press Dec 19, 2018 Winnipeg’s meth crisis continues to skyrocket.
This study finds milk is significantly costlier in First Nations communities than in Winnipeg and Northern Manitoba. The cost was higher in First Nations with and without access to an all-weather road. The study is based on a milk price survey in August and September 2016 in 26 stores located in 22 communities in north­ern Manitoba (15 First Nation and 8 non-First Nation communities) and 11 stores in Winnipeg for comparative purposes.
L’assurance-médicaments figure en tête du programme politique du Canada, et le Conseil consultatif sur la mise en œuvre d’un régime national d’assurance-médicaments du gouvernement fédéral, dirigé par le Dr Eric Hoskins, devrait présenter un rapport d’ici le printemps 2019.
Pharmacare is high on Canada’s political agenda with the federal government’s Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare led by Dr. Eric Hoskins set to report by spring 2019. Pharmacare is also expected to be a key issue in the 2019 federal election. 
5 décembre 2018 Ottawa – Un régime national universel d’assurance-médicaments financé par le gouvernement fédéral pourrait permettre aux Canadiens de réaliser des économies nettes pouvant atteindre 600 $ par ménage par année, mais le bénéfice dépend de la manière dont le financement est conçu, selon une nouvelle recherche du Centre canadien de politiques alternatives (CCPA) et de Canadiens pour une équité fiscale.
December 5, 2018 Ottawa — A federally funded universal national pharmacare plan could create large net savings for Canadians, up to $600 per household a year, but just who benefits depends on how the funding is designed, says new research from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and Canadians for Tax Fairness (C4TF).