Inequality and poverty

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The pandemic has proven just how fragile our current social systems are and why we must fundamentally shift our political and economic system to become a sustainable, fair, and just province. We have an opportunity with this economic shutdown to consider how to shift course to make the province a better place to live, work, and care for each other. We outline below what should guide us to develop those practical policy solutions that will put us on the right course.  
Halifax—In a new report released today, Are you with us?
Emergency measures are deemed universally necessary to prevent the transmission and control of COVID-19. Around the world, people are asked to: wash hands often, maintain physical distance and quarantine in your shelter (WHO, 2020, Health Canada, 2020). These are effective measures to slow down the transmission of the virus (WHO, 2020) but in communities with overcrowded homes that lack piped water and with no hospitals — how can Canada make this pipe dream a reality?
We are living in unprecedented times - as we battle a global pandemic, resources have become increasingly scarce and often more expensive. Panic buying and supply chain disruptions have made it difficult for people to meet their most basic needs. While it is true that we are all struggling to manage in this new reality it is also true that living in poverty adds a layer of complexity that many don’t often consider. Same storm, different boat.
OTTAWA – As provinces begin re-opening, following a COVID-19 enforced shutdown that protected millions of workers from high-risk workplaces, many workers will be pressured to go back to jobs that will put them at great risk of infection.
Photo by Elvert Barnes (Flickr Creative Commons)
G20 summit in Toronto, June 2010. Photo by katerkate (Flickr Creative Commons)