Inequality and poverty

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TORONTO--Eight years after the Harris-Eves government cuts to Ontario's welfare system, Ontario's poorest are finding it nearly impossible to meet basic needs such as food and secure shelter, according to Targeting the most vulnerable: A decade of desperation for Ontario's welfare recipients, a new study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives which comes on the heels of HRDC's release of the new Market Measure of Poverty.
Introduction The following essays by Sandy Cameron are something of a departure for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Most of what our Centre publishes is "hard" research studies, much of it fairly academic in tone. These essays are the product of one very thoughtful and compassionate person’s experience as an activist and teacher.
(Vancouver) Inequality increased in most provinces during the 1990s, but BC held its ground, according to a new report, Behind the Headlines 2001, from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. This will change, however, if the new government pursues the same market-oriented policies that led to rising inequality elsewhere.