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  Photo by Carolyn Cuskey (Flickr Creative Commons) The spate of recent border crossings, particularly in the small town of Emerson in southern Manitoba, as well as in Quebec over the Summer of 2017, have brought to attention a rather forgotten piece of paper that prevents refugees from seeking safe haven in Canada if entering from the United States.
Illustration by Amy Thompson
The Trudeau government has shone internationally on a progressive message of tolerance, openness, diversity and inclusive, sustainable economic growth. It says it wants to make globalization fair for everyone, and that, as the prime minister tweeted, Canada welcomes all people “fleeing persecution, terror & war.” But on a number of files the government has bent itself into a pretzel trying to square its beliefs with its actions. An underlying theme throughout this issue of the Monitor is the empty gesture.
What is happening in this picture?  
This article is available in plain language here. Plain language is a style of writing preferred by many people with intellectual disabilities.
The Yemeni city of Sa'ada has been heavily hit by Saudi airstrikes, as shown in this image from August 2015. Photo credit: Philippe Kropf / United Nations OCHA
This study examines the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s labour chapter and finds it cannot adequately protect, let alone enhance, labour rights across the TPP region, as promised by the Canadian and U.S. governments. This is because the TPP chapter largely reproduces the NAFTA model, with its escape clauses for national governments accused of violating worker rights, and its ineffective and complicated dispute process for challenging labour violations.
« Dans ce livre, Nora Loreto propose une vision rafraichie de l’indispensable mouvement syndical à la jeune génération de Canadiens et Canadiennes que la mondialisation avare et cruelle des entreprises a laissés sans protection. Lisez-le et devenez les maitres de votre avenir en vous engageant avec conviction sur le chemin de la justice pour les travailleurs et travailleuses. » —Ralph Nader