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VANCOUVER — A union representing forest industry workers and environmental organizations are demanding that the provincial government halt any approvals of new wood pellet mills in BC pending an independent review into the industry’s escalating logging activities. 
Canada has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Among other implications, “decarbonizing” the Canadian economy will require the winding down of coal, oil and natural gas projects across the country with potentially harmful effects for the hundreds of thousands of workers and dozens of regional economies currently dependent on fossil fuel production.
The federal government must move to implement ambitious and comprehensive legislation to support workers and communities in the shift toward a net-zero carbon economy, according to a new report, Roadmap to a Canadian Just Transition Act: A path to a clean and inclusive economy.
“I felt the need to write my story when Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister released the economic review of Bipole III and Keeyask Hydro projects, prepared by former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall in November 2020. This report reached an inaccurate conclusion.  It claimed there was no compelling evidence of sufficient opposition to force the government of Manitoba to make a decision, in 2005, to scrap Manitoba Hydro's plans to construct Bipole III down the East of Lake Winnipeg. Wall is wrong: there was plenty of opposition.” Don Sullivan
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press, March 24, 2021
First published in the Winnipeg Free Press March 12, 2021  
VANCOUVER — A one per cent tax on wealth over $20 million would generate nearly twice as much revenue as previously calculated by the Parliamentary Budget Officer, money that could lift thousands of Canadians out of poverty and fund health, social and environmental programs says new research by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC Office. 
On his first day in office, US president Joe Biden revoked the permit for the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline. The partially built project was supposed to carry bitumen from the Alberta tar sands to Gulf Coast refineries in the United States. Green-lighted by Donald Trump in 2017, but delayed in the courts for years, this climate-busting project is now thankfully dead.
Andy Morffew (Flickr Creative Commons)   Throughout 2019, we saw multiple variations on the same grim headline: “Dead Whale Found With 48 Pounds of Plastic in Belly.” “Dead Whale Found With 88 Pounds of Plastic in Belly.” “Dead Whale Found With 220 Pounds of Plastic in Belly.”
Manitoba’s Climate Action Team's comprehensive community strategy to mitigate the worst of the climate crisis by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and building local resilience.