Gender equality

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TORONTO – Au Canada, la plupart des femmes sont pénalisées par la couverture prévue par l’assurance-emploi (AE), révèle une étude du Centre canadien de politiques alternatives (CCPA). L’écart entre l’admissibilité des hommes et des femmes à l’AE est considérable : en 2004, 40 pour cent des hommes sans emploi recevaient des prestations d’AE, alors que ce taux ne s’établissait qu’à 32 pour cent chez les femmes dans la même situation.
Inside this issue: Private Power Developers and the BC Government's Water Licence Giveaway BC's Coastal Forest Communities Need a New Deal Picking the Pockets of the Poor: The Price of BC's Welfare Cuts Bucking the National Trend: Poverty Among Lone Mothers in BC Time to End the Government's Love Affair with P3s
March 29, 2006 was the second anniversary of the passage into law of Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) Act, an Act marking the culmination of years of hard work by many thoughtful Canadians of diverse perspectives.
In the plenary session of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing more than 10 years ago, this proclamation was made by the Tanzanian chairperson, Gertrude Mongella: “A revolution has begun! There is no turning back!” All the delegates from around the world, including me, rose in a tumultuous standing ovation. But today our euphoria has given way to disillusionment.