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TORONTO— Twenty years after Ontario introduced pay equity, a new study finds the practice is dying on the vine – starving from years of government neglect. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ study, Putting Fairness Back Into Women’s Pay, shows most Ontario employers ignore their obligation to pay women fairly; and the government is failing to fully fund the pay equity adjustments owed working women.
Malalai Joya, 29, is the youngest female member of Afghanistan’s parliament and has been elected twice from the western province of Farah. She is a popular women’s rights activist and an outspoken critic of the government of Hamid Karzai and the Northern Alliance, which is now being defended by U.S., Canadian and other Western troops occupying Afghanistan.
TORONTO – Most women are getting shut out of Employment Insurance (EI) coverage in Canada, says a study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). The gap between men's and women’s EI coverage is significant: 40 percent of unemployed men received EI benefits in 2004 while only 32 percent of unemployed women did. “Essentially, two in every three working women who pay into EI don’t receive a single penny in benefits if they lose their jobs,” says CCPA Research Associate Monica Townson, who co-authored Women and The Employment Insurance Program with Kevin Hayes.
TORONTO – Au Canada, la plupart des femmes sont pénalisées par la couverture prévue par l’assurance-emploi (AE), révèle une étude du Centre canadien de politiques alternatives (CCPA). L’écart entre l’admissibilité des hommes et des femmes à l’AE est considérable : en 2004, 40 pour cent des hommes sans emploi recevaient des prestations d’AE, alors que ce taux ne s’établissait qu’à 32 pour cent chez les femmes dans la même situation.