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Workers at a Chilliwack-based farm were caught abusing animals in a 2017 undercover video filmed by California group Mercy for Animals.
The idea of a Green New Deal—a radical and comprehensive transformation of the economy to cut greenhouse gas emissions while tackling inequality—has been gaining steam as an organizing principle for the environmental and social justice movements. Yet there are many questions that GND advocates have yet to think through or agree on. Like how can we produce enough electricity to rapidly replace all fossil fuels? Will new, green jobs be good, unionized jobs that are accessible in the places where jobs are needed most? Crucially, how will we pay for it all?
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN) (Nelson House, MB), has embarked on a comprehensive program of economic development that addresses employment, training, healing from trauma, infrastructure development, and energy self-reliance.  The First Nation is vitally concerned with nurturing young people, and is now interested in sharing its learning with other First Nations communities.  NCN's development initiative is reflective of a convergence, or self-reliance approach to community economic development (ie.
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When the CCPA was founded 40 years ago, it was in direct opposition to a handful of right-wing, “free market” policy groups who, despite being on the political scene for only a few years, had become influential in the halls of government and the news media. From their earliest days, these think-tanks aimed to weaken public faith in government’s ability to do good in people’s lives.
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The Monitor starts off 2020—the CCPA's 40th anniversary year—with a direct attack on the Trudeau government's contradictory climate plans and the close connections between public officials and the fossil fuel sector. Will minority status and a rising Green New Deal movement change the government's course, or will it be just more business as usual?
TORONTO ET OTTAWA — Malgré une population de plus en plus diverse, un nouveau rapport publié aujourd’hui révèle que peu ou pas de progrès ont été réalisés dans la réduction du racisme sur le marché du travail.
TORONTO & OTTAWA — Despite an increasingly diverse population, a new report released today reveals that little-to-no progress has been made towards reducing racism in labour market outcomes.