Race and anti-racism

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The summer issue of the Monitor features two previously published reports on the crisis in Canada's nursing homes, one from the CCPA's national office, Re-imagining Long-term Residential Care in the COVID-19 Crisis, and one from the CCPA-BC,
Premier John Horgan began a June 3rd media conference with a statement about racism and the “blemishes” on BC’s history.
This publication is based on a series of opinion pieces written by John Price that ran in the Victoria Times Colonist in December of 2019. The original publication date in April 2020 was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.The COVID-19 pandemic also slowed down consultation processes for the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC). The NAJC used the time to conduct provincial stakeholder engagement to further develop and clarify its recommendations. These specific asks will be presented to the BC government at upcoming meetings.  
In our first issue following the outbreak of COVD-19 in Canada, Monitor contributors assess the federal and provincial government responses to date and propose how we might use this moment of government activism to fix the gross inequalities in our society—by improving social programs such as employment insurance, income assistance and our health care system, for example. 
Des experts et expertes réclament des mesures à court, à moyen et à long terme afin de soutenir les collectivités et de les protéger contre les effets de la pandémie 
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Nous publions le Budget fédéral alternatif 2020 — notre 25e édition depuis 1995 — à un moment très instable pour le Canada et le monde. La combinaison de COVID-19, une vente mondiale de pétrole et l'effondrement des marchés financiers mondiaux menace non seulement la santé et la sécurité publiques, mais aussi la stabilité de notre économie, qui sera probablement en récession d'ici la fin de l'année. Il est maintenant temps de penser au-delà des correctifs fiscaux standard et des plans de sauvetage des banques.
While racism in the United States receives a great deal of media attention, in Canada it is less so. Canadians like to see themselves — and are generally seen by nationals of other countries — as tolerant, multicultural and open minded, believing that all the people of the nation enjoy equal opportunities and cultural freedoms (Mackey,
On November 10, 2019, a U.S.-backed group of neofascists in Bolivia deposed the government of Evo Morales on spurious accusations of electoral fraud. The coup government’s first act was to unleash the army and police on mainly Indigenous protestors in the capital of La Paz, killing at least 10 people. Further massacres pushed the coup’s death toll above 30, with hundreds more wounded in clashes between supporters of Morales’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party and state police.