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Dans le présent document, l’incidence qu’aurait une prolongation des prestations maximales de maladie de l’AE au-delà de 15 semaines est estimée à l’aide de l’outil Base de données et Modèle de simulation de politiques sociales (BD/MSPS) de Statistique Canada3. Le modèle nous permet d’estimer le nombre de personnes qui pourraient avoir recours aux prestations supplémentaires chaque année et le coût annuel net si le maximum des congés de maladie était prolongé. 
In this paper we estimate the impact of an extension of maximum EI sickness benefits beyond 15 weeks using Statistics Canada’s Social Policy Simulation Database and Model (SPSD/M). The model allows us to estimate how many people might use the additional benefit each year and what the net annual cost would be if the maximum sick leave were extended. The paper opens with a brief history of EI sick leave and a snapshot of annual usage patterns and costs. Results of the modelling exercise are then presented with a discussion of potential implications.
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March for a $15/hr minimum wage at the University of Minnesota, April 2015 (Photo by Fibonacci Blue ,Flickr Creative Commons).
  According to a popular apocryphal tale, the United States and Soviet Union both realized during the space race that a standard pen would not work in orbit. NASA spent millions of dollars to develop an “anti-gravity” pen that would. The Soviets used a pencil.
(Halifax, NS)----Le montant dont une famille de quatre personnes a besoin quand les deux parents travaillent à temps plein- un salaire convenable--est 19 $ par l’heure à Halifax, 18,18 $ à Saint Jean et 17,75 $ à Antigonish.
June 25, 2018 (Halifax, NS)----Covering the costs to raise a family in the Maritimes requires two adults to be working full-time earning a living wage of $19 an hour in Halifax, $18.18 in Saint John and $17.75 in Antigonish. Since 2016, the living wage rate in Halifax decreased very slightly from $19.17, increased slightly in Antigonish from $17.30. The wages did not change very much because of the full year inclusion of the Canada Child Benefit and its indexation to inflation, which covered all or most of the expense increases.