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Each episode, hosts Alex Hemingway and Davis Carr will demystify the big policy questions of the day, and share their interviews and discussion with CCPA's intrepid research team.

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  • Episode 1: Paris primer + 'nannygate'
  • Episode 2: A not-so-middle-class tax cut
  • Short 1: Holiday preview
  • Episode 3: Gender wage gap + voting reform
  • Episode 4: What's wrong with the TPP?
  • Short 2: Extended interview: Scott Sinclair on the TPP
  • Short 3: Premiers' climate talks + divestment
  • Short 4: Federal Budget 2016 + Reconciliation

Meet the co-hosts:

Headshot of Davis Carr, co-host

Davis Carr Email IconTwitter Icon

Davis Carr is Communications Assistant with the CCPA National Office and freelance community manager and graphic designer. She has a Master's of Media Production from Ryerson University.


Headshot of Alex Hemingway, co-hostAlex Hemingway Email IconTwitter Icon

Alex Hemingway is the Andrew Jackson Progressive Economics Intern with the CCPA. He is also a PhD Candidate in Political Science and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia.