COVID-19: Resources for Workers and Renters

While the CCPA's work is focused on progressive policies that will help protect workers and their families during this difficult time, we have received many requests from workers and renters looking for resources to help them navigate uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. The selection of resources which appear on this page are for informational purposes. They do not constitute legal or financial advice, and their inclusion does not imply the CCPA's endorsement or approval.

Employment & Unemployment Resources

Renter Resources


Survivors of Domestic Violence

From Draw the Line: Many survivors of violence are most at-risk in their own homes⁠.

It is a complicated and unprecedented situation, when “Self-Isolating at Home” is both the primary advice for our health crisis, yet the most common location of harassment, violence and lethality for women and children experiencing and or at risk of gender-based violence⁠.

Learn more at ⁠

Shelters and sexual assault centres may require support from their community over the coming weeks through donations of essential items and funds to assist in their day to day operations; please visit to find the contact information for the shelter in or nearest to your community to find out how you can support them⁠.

Are you experiencing violence? There are supports⁠:

Find a shelter: ⁠
Find a sexual assault centre:⁠
Assaulted Women’s Helpline: 1-866-863-0511⁠
Talk4Healing: 1-855-554 HEAL⁠
Fem’aide: 1-877-336-2433⁠